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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Shorty Mack Is Back - New Singles and (Preview)


Guess whose back in the studio and delivered a banger for all his music lovers. This track right here will have you become a fan like never before with a collaboration that's beyond words outside of genius! With the hit single "Right Now" Shorty Mack featuring Chris Brown and Joe Young.  From the opening beat "Right Now" is just being the tip of the icebergs. However  listen for yourself, "Right Now" just might be that new lift music needed like a face lift to an old face. Music is becoming simplified in many genres, but this track is far from simple the collaboration is filled with creative out the box artists not afraid to take risk. So you'll be the judge is it a Hit or  Miss?  Also checkout below his collaboration with Young Tez in "I'm Swanky" listen to the full track and let the music among beat absorb through your musical appetite. 

(Preview) - Right Now 


"I'm Swanky" Shorty Mack ft. Young Tez 


Monday, February 24, 2014

2ndSteps2Success - Music Artist Conan

For Immediate Release:


     Raymond “Conan” Ramirez, Puerto Rican rapper born and raised in the “Boogie Down” Bronx during a time when Hip Hop was at its most influential peek. “Lil Ray” developed a passion for music early after watching his father “Shampoo” hype man and road manager for Main One the Ghetto Child and performing on stage with his mother “Spanish Fly”, who was the lead MC in an all-ladies rap group.
He understood quickly that everyone has a story and his strongest method of speaking was behind the pen. He felt that with his rhymes, he could tell his story and people would relate. Between his mother and father’s high-profile industry connections, Conan was blessed to be raised around many staples in the industry, such as Big Pun, Fat Joe, NORE, NAS, all the way down to Def Jam Vice President Yvette Davila and Senior Vice President of Def Jam Sean “Pecas.”

While actively training with the Morris Park Boxing Club, Conan created rap duo Illest Spitters with best friend Young Cor. They released a mix tape hosted by Hip Hop legend; Kid Capri called The Youngest in Charge. After multiple showcases and numerous rap battles, Young Cor decided to Pursue other endeavors which forced Conan to produce a solo career as a talent. His first solo project titled “The New Beginning” is the journey of Conan’s transition into a solo artist, marketing guru, as well as businessman. Conan was fortunate to learn the business aspect of the game through his father’s marketing and promotion company YNVS Marketing and Promotions.

The buzz created from this album as well as memorable performances resulted in high-profile interviews, appearances, and collaborations. In the summer of 2013, rapper NORE gave Conan an opportunity to open up for him and his group The Good Belt Gang on their 15 city Coast to Coast Mix-Tape tour. While on tour, NORE was sold on Conan’s energy and delivery on stage. After seeing how actively the crowd was engaged, he immediately nicknamed Conan “The Energy God.” After learning what life was like on tour as a talent, Conan took the business route and helped launch a thriving 2013 facebook game; “Play-GigIt.” This Promotion included a 35-day tour including high-profile rappers such as Lil Wayne, 2chainz all the way down to local artists and entrepreneurs.

In between tour life, Conan managed to attend College at Borough of Manhattan Community, work full time all while writing, performing and growing as an artist. His second solo project, “Second Step to Success”, is the story of the maturation Conan projects in his new lyrics. Between his witty Freestyles, universal flow and flawless delivery, Conan explains how to achieve success in this industry while never being classified as “the average rapper.”

Listen to 2ndSteps2Success by clicking the link below:
Follow : 

Watch/ Support Conan

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


That's right ladies and gents guess who's back at it again with another hit single!? The Dream that's who and he's been taking over with his collaboration with Fabolous on "Slow Down" many wondered what could possibly top that single well "IV Play" shortly came after that and have many buzzing! Only The Dream can take a track to such levels, plus the music alone is pure intimacy. Plus with a new album on the horizon the anticipation is building plus who's he going to team up with next?  However for the continuous latest follow him on twitter @TheKingDream  the name definitely fits and his continuous label of being the "Radio Killa" has many looking forward to even more!  to keep track of past among current work, furthermore checkout the tease trailers leading up to this upcoming album!

"IV PLAY" Teaser 

"IV PLAY" Teaser Part III 

"Slow Down" The Dream ft. Fabolous 

NEW MUSIC ALERT:: Raised In The South: Ludacris ft. Young Jeezy :: NEW MUSIC ALERT

The collaboration from Ludacris and Young Jeezy was already long awaited but now its here what do you think? The song engulfs your attention from the dope lyrics that both these brilliant artist provide. However added bonus the beat keeps the momentum until the very end! DTP's collaboration with one of Def Jam's artists has jumped started the summer jams, leaving  the fans begging for more, an honestly can you blame them if there's a remix! Hold up it's about to be EPIC who would they bring out to feature on this track, better yet who do the fans wanna hear if a remix happens? However for right now sit back and enjoy "Raised In The South" let your dj's and radio station know what's really hot!!

Keep Up With 
Ludacris - @Ludacris 

Lil Durk:: "Dis Ain't What U Want"

Keep up with Lil Durk 

Checkout the hot single "Dis Ain't What U Want" by Lil Durk, and let the lyrics flow because the song is hot! Lil Durk took many by surprise from his song "Everything All White" featuring Yo Gotti, "52 Bars", "Right Here" featuring Meek Mill, among countless others that have the fans in search for more! However right now focus your attention on this young man as he makes major headway, so let me ask you music lovers what do you think about "Dis Ain't What U Want" ? 

Monday, February 25, 2013


Yasiin Bey ( AKA Mos Def) is coming to the valley of Phoenix, AZ March 21st at Celebrity Theater. Yasiin Bey is currently on tour right now and making a few stops before Arizona and many more afterward, Yasiin's music is a reflection of many current issues today, among carried over from the past. Yasiin Bey has been used since '99 however it wasn't exposed to the public it was more private between family and friends! However he felt that the name "Mos Def" became too much commercial a product for consumers instead of a person generating music and thought provoking inspiration! So now he prefers to be called by Yasiin, and the meaning of the name is still a mystery but it steams from his personal reflection.Which he openly addressed back in January '12 You'll even notice in the credits of upcoming films among projects the fully recognized change in his name. You'll catch him with Talib Kweli  in their duo group called "Black Star" which was originally started back in '99, and now it's hitting Honolulu, Hawaii this March on the 23rd and the duo still has a mission lyrically among provoking inspiration. (


Black Star - Respiration  ft. Common 
Which was released back in '99 

Black Star - Definition 
back in 1998 was originally released 

However aside from music, Yasiin Bey is an amazing actor, and even more than that he's been involved in many social awareness issues that plague the nation. Using music  Yasiin Bey has touched from the moment he holds up a mic, opened minds from the lyrics that invoked the brain steaming the soul to crave change.  The thoughts you would have just simply ignored brought the the front page headlines of your very thoughts.

Furthermore this upcoming march AZ it's your turn to see the legendary icon Yasiin Bey live at celebrity theater! Also keep up with the latest on BLACK STAR alsp  Yasiin Bey facebook :  follow & Talib Kweli become a fan

Saturday, February 23, 2013

YG announces - Just Re'd Up 2 : Tour Dates

Just Re’d Up 2 Tour Dates:

3/6       Providence, RI – PVD Social Club
3/7       Brooklyn, NY – Knitting Factory
3/8       Minneapolis, MN – The Myth
3/9       Tucson, AZ – Rialto Theater
3/21     Albuquerque, NM – El Rey Theater
3/23     Alamosa, CO – Adams University
3/29     Santa Ana, CA – The Observatory
4/3       Oakland, CA – New Caribbean City
4/7       San Luis Obispo – Slo Brew
4/19     Corvallis, OR – Subzero Nightclub
4/24     Seattle, WA – Neumos
4/25     Olympia, WA – The Royal Lounge
4/26     Yakima, WA – The Seasons
4/27     Eugene, OR – Wow Hall
4/28     Portland, OR – The Roseland Theater

(*Additional Dates TBA) 

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Recently 2013 has kicked off with some of the hottest premier's in Hollywood!  Meaning some of the hottest celebrities strutted their stuff on the red carpets, and among many actress/television host Alia Kruz. She attended KEVIN HART'S PREMIERE "REAL HUSBANDS OF HOLLYWOOD" & "THE WAYANS" #SECONDGENERATIONWAYANS with friends! BET is kicking off this year with laughs, entertainment, and branding new faces! You can keep up with the latest of Alia Kruz by following her fan page on Facebook: and her fan page on Twitter: 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012





The Biggest Live Concert in Phoenix, Az Highlights of the concert and crowd reactions
Filmed By Geneva Relf
Instagram : GevaNeva
Special Thanks to

When it comes to putting on a show these three have the bar raised to the MAXIMUM! Phoenix wasn't ready for the show they received that night, and are still buzzing about it weeks later! The King T.I.  live in phoenix that news spread like wildfire and had the tickets rolling. Once announced that Kirko Bangz was added as special guest the ladies started getting ready and prepared, but then T.I. had an extra bonus in store for the fans Future! The Comerica Theater was engulfed with fans screams, you could feel the anticipation with each performance even back stage! Not a dull moment insight every fan had their own way of letting the artist know their personal support but overall the crowd had Arizona shinning bright! However if you missed this concert you truly missed out on an experience. Note to self don't miss the next one this was just the beginning of greatness about to hit the valley! Much appreciation for the great teams behind scenes so many great hands that made this show kickoff , countless names but overall can look back at a great successful night! 

Monday, October 22, 2012



 Geneva: Thank again for agreeing to this interview, How are you doing by the way?

 Dirty Diana:I'm doing great thank you for the opportunity and exposure

 Geneva: Now not like it's needed by refresh and introduce yourself to the new upcoming fans of your music!

Dirty Diana: My name is Dirty Diana from Bronx New York currently in ATL. I have a mixtape hosted by DJ scream on datpiff and livemixtape im currently working on some major features for my next project and working to get everyone familiar with who I am

 Geneva: Your music video for "What Up Doe" your showcasing skills many haven't seen in this industry for awhile. Is that what gives you an edge in this music game?

 Dirty Diana:My what up doe video is taking it back to hip hop when all the legends use to tell stories in there videos. It gives me an edge along with many different styles I posses in my music.

 Geneva: Now on a deep level being a young female now on the scene, what has been the greatest test for you thus far?

 Dirty Diana: When being in a studio with a whole bunch of male mc's and they ask "yo you want to hop on this track" lol not only do you have to show you nice but I have to make sure I body them on the track as well. :.)( shout out to all female rappers going hard )

 Geneva: Many artist hate being compared, but how would you describe yourself and what sets you apart? 

Dirty Diana: I would describe myself as not trying to be like anyone or copying anyone's style being myself is what makes me real and my lyrical content is what makes people respect me as a down to earth rapper. 

Geneva: Your mixtape "Dirty Diana" hosted by DJ Scream (HoodRich) what was your concept if not motivation for this work of musical art?

 Dirty Diana: The concept of the Dirty Diana Mixtape was to introduce who's dirty diana to the world, proving not only that I can rap but that I would be ever to stand alone against the many other rappers in this industry

 Geneva: I understand you were at this years BET Award show, what was that like for you?

 Dirty Diana: It was a great experience it gave me a visual of how my life would be like and made me realize how closer to my dreams I'm getting. I hope next year to be on that stage with all the other talented rappers that was there. 

Geneva: Now I'm loving your style, are their any trends you follow or your own trendsetter?

 Dirty Diana: Thank you, I consider myself a Trendsetter, I'm currently trying to come up with unique hair styles, clothing, shoes and accessories to help brand my name and continue with the hot trends of today. 

Geneva: Collaborations I have got to ask any artist out there you want to mix it up with in the studio?

 Dirty Diana: Well I currently have some surprise features on the next project but if I had a choice I would love to work with Jay z, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz and Big Sean.

Geneva: What's the next level what can we look forward to music wise or even appearance wise?

 Dirty Diana: You can look forward to a major deal by 2013, movie appearances, new female artist an nomination, and hopefully some major performances coming to a town near you.

 Geneva: Thanks again so much for your time, I know I'm a fan but can you please tell soon to be fans where to find you? Also is there anything you would like to add before we go?

 Dirty Diana: Thanks again, You can find me on Twitter : whosDirtyDiana Facebook: dirtydianafans Instagram: whosDirtyDiana Reverbnation: whosDirtyDiana YouTube: teamDirtyDiana Mixtape: and

Courtesy of:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Emperor Searcy hosts Magic Johnson's Bridgescape Center Opening

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                                               Contact: Eddie Rhodman, Jr.
Radio Personality Emperor Searcy Hosts Live Radio Remote to Promote
Atlanta's New Magic Johnson Bridgescape Center
Event Offers Information, Special Give-A-Ways
ATLANTA Hot 107.9 radio personality Emperor Searcy is hosting a live remote inside DTLR at South DeKalb Mall for the official launch of the Magic Johnson Bridgescape center on Friday, September 28 from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. Mall patrons can enter drawings for special give-a-way items including five exclusive Magic Johnson autographed basketballs. Interested students can also register onsite for the program at DTLR's South DeKalb Mall location.
Magic Johnson Bridgescape, a program of Provost Academy Georgia (PAGA), is designed to help young people between the ages of 14-20 who have dropped out of school earn a high school diploma. The Magic Johnson Bridgescape center is a free program that offers a unique blend of online and small group instruction.  For more information or to register, call             888-725-9501  
 or visit
WHAT:  Magic Johnson Bridgescape Center Launch
WHEN:  Friday, September 28, 2012
TIME:  6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
WHERE:  DTLR store at South DeKalb Mall
  2801 Candler Road
  Decatur, GA 30034
Courtesy Of:
Eddie Rhodman, Jr.
Destined for Success Management, LLC
Brand Development | Public Relations | Community Outreach | Media Strategy | Consulting
Follow on twitter: @d4sm
"For nothing is impossible with God"

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Professional Skateboarder Darren Harper : Gives back HOPE


“It’s not where you're from, but where you’re headed” or 
“Your past doesn't predestine your future you do!”

These are just a few timeless quotes that are proven true to professional skateboarder Darren Harper. When it comes to highlighting those in the celebrity limelight that are giving back we often forget to appreciate the struggle it took behind their efforts! Darren Harper is not only closing  the gap in a sport dominated by the stigma we don’t belong, but he’s giving an outlet to those who didn’t know life provides other options outside of conflict and struggle! Recently Darren Harper graced Providence,Rhode Island with a skateboard camp, and the cost absolutely free! The first camp was in Washington, D.C. he’s gained many names thanks to his fans "Floyd Mayweather of skateboarding" or “Obama of skateboarding” Darren’s goal is to promote his success through skateboarding. He understands that not every youth has a basketball hero, or musical aspirations but just needs a positive outlet to remind them anything is possible regardless of your environment! For most inner-city urban youth drugs, gangs, guns, and crime come with the sun rising, however Darren Harper is shedding light on paths outside of cultural stigmas. 

Skateboarding in many respects wasn’t considered an “Afro-American” sport just the concept of a board on wheels, has captured many, exposing a world many didn’t realize was explorable. Furthermore Darren Harper doesn’t expect everyone to pick up a board, but he does want to open the door to dreams, hardworking ambition to be greater than expected! I recently interviewed Mr. Harper his back story alone should be inspirational from the drug game to skateboarding and giving back! Showing many that it’s not always how you start your journey, but how you choose to finish and be remembered! A free skateboarding camp might not produce the next level of skateboarders, or sponsored athletes. However it can produce a passion in new outlets for a young mind to obtain many dreams. It might produce a parents last hope to encourage their child away from a life of crime and countless struggle!

 Also showcasing his entrepreneurial skills, the combination of Good Bully apparel and himself to create the next level of skateboarding apparel, accessories, boards and much more! Darren Harper has proven that success taste sweeter when it’s served with giving back as the main ingredient! 

You can keep up with the latest of Darren Harper by following him on twitter @Dstreets and checkout GBSC  for all your skateboarding needs! Darren Harper is closing the gap with education, boards, and purely motivation for the minds many overlook or have already counted out for the future! The media often times gets clouded with drama, but today as you read this remind yourself not every hero wears a cap. Not every youth deserves to have the book closed on them, furthermore you never know what’s possible when give HOPE back!

Special Thanks to 

Eddie Rhodman, Jr.
Destined for Success Management, LLC
Brand Development | Public Relations | Community Outreach | Media Strategy |